Rozřazovací test anglického jazyka

K testu úvodem

Pokud jste se s anglickým jazykem ještě vůbec nesetkali, není třeba, abyste test vyplňovali, stačí se do kurzu pouze přihlásit.

Pokud jste se rozhodli pro vyplnění testu, postupujte vždy po jednotlivých částech od I. Elementary až k V. Upper-Intermediate. S vyplňováním skončete v okamžiku, kdy cítíte, že je pro vás již daná část příliš složitá a řešení jen odhadujete. Poté test na odešlete.

O výsledku testu vás budeme informovat do tří pracovních dnů telefonicky nebo e-mailem, neuvedete-li jinak. POZOR, pokud nevyplníte telefon ani e-mail, nebudeme mít jak Vám výsledky testu sdělit.

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    I a
    Fill in the correct word or words. ‐ Vyberte vhodné slovo nebo slova z daných možností.
  1. Hello. My is Rafael Ramos.
  2. Where he from?
  3. He England.
  4. I am doctor.

  5. I b
    Fill in "s", "es", "'s" or nothing. / Vyberte "s", "es", "'s", nebo nic.
  6. There are three apple on the table.
  7. How old are these women ?
  8. Elizabeth is Paul boss.

  9. I c
    Write a sentence. Use all of the words. / Upravte slovosled. Použijte všechna daná slova.
  10. Japan, come, we, from
  11. don't, they, classical, like, music
  12. tell, the, time, me, can, you?
  13. have, a, wine, please, I, can, white, of, glass?

  14. I d
    Fill in the opposite. / Vyberte slovo opačného významu z daných možností.
  15. white -
  16. big -
  17. question -
  18. old -

  19. I e
    Choose the correct words. / Doplňte do vět některý z těchto výrazů:
    much/many, some/any, are/aren´t, there is/there isn't, there are/there aren't
  20. there cups in the kitchen? No,
  21. Can I have more tea, please?
  22. How is that camera?

  23. I f
    Choose the correct answer from the choices below. / Doplňte správné slovo z daných možností.
  24. aren't my magazines. They're Barry's.
  25. Whose idea is this? It was idea.
  26. Your books have arrived. Please collect this afternoon.


    II a
    Write comparative or superlative forms of adjectives in the brackets. / Vyberte z daných možností správný tvar druhého a třetího stupně přídavných jmen.
  28. She is than her brother.
  29. Was it homework in the class?
  30. My car was than yours.
  31. You are man in the world.
  32. II b
    Choose the correct answer from the choices below. Vyberte z daných možností.
  33. I football on Saturdays.
  34. Where is Paul? - He to the bank.
  35. She usually home alone.
  36. When meet yesterday?

  37. II c
    Choose the word that is different. / Vyberte z možností odlišné slovo.
  38. socks - gloves - tights - stockings
  39. house - palace - street - flat
  40. boring - amazing - wonderful - marvellous
  41. house - bathroom - kitchen - living room

  42. II d
    Use one of the prepositions to fill in the blanks. / Doplňte jednu z těchto předložek.
    at, by, for, in, of, on, up
  43. I usually get up 7 o'clock.
  44. I have been learning English three years.
  45. I usually go to work car.
  46. Can we meet Thursday?
  47. Are you interested politics?

  48. II e
    Connect the words from column A with words from column B:/ Zvolte správné písmeno ze sloupce B k číslu ze sloupce A.
               A                 B
  49. 2 - wear       b - the truth         2 -
  50. 3 - drive       c - weight            3 -
  51. 4 - tell          d - a uniform       4 -
  52. 5 - lose       e - carefully          5 -


    III a
    Choose the best word.
  54. It's late. I think you go now.
  55. I go to the bank to get some money yesterday.
  56. some tea or coffee?

  57. III b
    Put one of the following auxiliary verbs into the gaps.
    am/is/are     do/does/did     have/has
  58. Look at those children! They smoking cigarettes!
  59. your daughter speak French well?
  60. you learn German when you were at school?
  61. Ben ever been to India?

  62. III c
    Put the words into the correct order:
  63. working,been,here,six,Sally,has,for,months
  64. world, is, English, the, all, spoken, over
  65. you, feel, stop, better, if, will, you, smoking

  66. III d
    Write the opposite adjective:
  67. ugly
  68. dirty
  69. noisy
  70. mean
  71. wealthy

  72. III e
    Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.
    1. We didn't make coffee already.
    2. We heaven't made any coffee yet.
    1. He is waiting to see the doctor since nine o'clock.
    2. He has been waiting to see the doctor since nine o
    1. Have you bought your new car yesterday?
    2. Did you buy your new car yesterday?

  73. III f
    Complete the sentences with the words given here.
    bored - flew - modern - journey - fit - experiences - trip - trek - high - spectacular
  74. If you're with beaches, but you aren't or adventurous enough to through the Himalayas or the Sahara desert, try Alaska.
  75. Our to America's largest and most northerly state was one of the greatest of my life.
  76. First of all we to Vancouver, in Canada.
  77. We spent two days in this very city, before we started our seven-day by ship along Alaskan coast.
  78. The scenery with its mountains and volcanoes was , particularly the dramatic Columbia Glacier, over 80 metres .


    IV a
    Look at the letter from Alberto to his friend Paul. Alberto is staying in Bristol, England. Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. If there is no verb in brackets, write one suitable word.
    Dear Paul,
    My stay in England is coming to an end. In ten days' time I (66) ______________(be) back in Italy. I can hardly believe that I (67)_____________(be) in Bristol for three months. The time has gone so quickly! Yesterday I (68)______________(take) my final exams. As soon as I (69)______________(get) the results, I will let you know.
    I (70)______________(apply) for lots of jobs recently. Yesterday I (71)______________(apply) for one with the EU in Brussels. It (72)______________ be great if I (73)______________(get) it, but I haven't got a very good chance. They want someone with fluent English and French, and my French isn't very good any more.
    Anyway, I haven't booked my plane ticket (74)______________, so I must go into town now and do that. See you next week. I'll give you a ring (75)______________I arrive home.

  80. IV b
    Match the phrasal verbs in column A with their definitions in column B.
    A B
  81. 2 - break down b - manage 2 -
  82. 3 - make up c - invent, create 3 -
  83. 4 - get by d - find a solution 4 -
  84. 5 - sort out e - collapse 5 -

  85. IV c
    Complete these sentences:
  86. I may go to the match: it really depends the weather.
  87. He got married a girl he met in France.
  88. She has applied a new job.
  89. Don't worry your exam: it'll be OK.

  90. IV d
    Look at these comments about smoking. Complete them with can / can't, must / must not, or should / shouldn't.
  91. I understand why people smoke. It tastes horrible.
  92. If people get ill from smoking, they pay for the treatment.
  93. The government ban smoking completely so that we all breathe clean air.
  94. "I'm sorry, sir, but you put the cigarette out."


    V a
    Correct the sentences.
  96. Our cat has been missed since five days.
  97. At last! I've been finding my contact lenses.
  98. I hadn't got on very well with my father when I was young, but I do now.
  99. Who's smoked? Can't you read? There's a 'No Smoking' sign in here.
  100. I'll be finishing this book by tonight.

  101. V b
    Choose the correct answer.
  102. We get up early tomorrow because it's Sunday.
  103. She's not at all used the housework.
  104. You be feeling really excited about your holiday.
  105. I'll never forget you. It was the most important day of my life!
  106. The house doesn't need decorated.
  107. My father be able to give you a lift.

  108. V c
    Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.
  109. What I appreciate most about my grandfather is his wisdom. His advice is always and . (SENSE) (HELP)
  110. My aunt isn't fond of today's children. She thinks that they are all and . (POLITE) (RESPECT)
  111. We'd been walking along the railway track for hours before we realized that the map was out-of-date and . (USE)
  112. I think that boxing is a sport. What is the point of trying to hit another person until they are . (SENSE) (CONSCIOUS)

  113. V d
    Complete the sentences. Choose the correct word.
  114. I understand your problem.
  115. This steak is really . I can't eat it.
  116. With my salary it's difficult to make ends .